Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Team Intentional Poster Work?

A: The Team Intentional Poster is designed to help couples build intentionality within their marriages. Each week, you roll a dice to determine the challenge you'll engage in together. The challenges are pre-selected to offer variety and excitement. Once you complete the challenge, you fill in a bubble on the poster, symbolizing your progress and commitment to intentional love. Over time, the poster becomes a visual representation of your journey and the intentional acts of love shared.

What information do you need from me when I order the poster?

A: When you place an order for the Team Intentional Poster, we'll need the following personalized information to create a unique and meaningful poster for you:

  1. Last Name: Please provide the last name of the couple for whom you are ordering the poster. This allows us to customize the design and make it truly special for them.
  2. Wedding Date: We also require the wedding date of the couple. This important detail helps us commemorate their special day and tailor the poster specifically to their journey as a married couple.

Can I purchase the Team Intentional Poster as a gift for a wedding or anniversary?

A: Absolutely! The Team Intentional Poster makes a wonderful gift for couples, whether they're newlyweds or celebrating a milestone anniversary. It offers a unique and interactive way for couples to strengthen their bond and create lasting memories. Simply select the poster and proceed with the ordering process. You can have it shipped directly to the recipients or have it delivered to your address for gifting in person.

Can I choose the challenges I want to include on my Team Intentional Poster?

A: Currently, the challenges on the Team Intentional Poster are carefully selected to provide variety and excitement to any relationship. While you can't choose specific challenges at the moment, rest assured that each challenge has been thoughtfully curated to inspire intentional acts of love and strengthen your bond.

What is the size of the Team Intentional Poster?

A: The Team Intentional Poster is available in one size: 18 inches by 24 inches. This size offers ample space for you to mark your progress and witness your love story unfold through the filled-in bubbles.

How long does it take to receive the Team Intentional Poster?

A: Once your order is placed, the majority of orders are processed and produced within 2 to 5 business days. After production, shipping time within the United States typically takes approximately 5 to 7 business days.

Can I track the delivery of my Team Intentional Poster?

A: Absolutely! Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. You can use this information to track the progress of your poster's delivery and have peace of mind knowing its whereabouts.