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Journal: Men’s Edition - Couples Challenge

Journal: Men’s Edition - Couples Challenge

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Love isn't always easy but it should always be INTENTIONAL!

The Team Intentional Challenge and Journal is all about creating the habit of intentionality within your relationship. Whether you're newly in love or much further in your journey this book will challenge you to become the best version of yourself you can be for your partner.

We all struggle with the natural desire to make our relationships about ourselves. We can find ourselves focusing on things like:

  • How our partner makes us feel
  • How often our partner makes time for us
  • What things our partner has done, or hasn't done, for us lately

These are not bad but we believe healthy relationships are built on an intentional level of selflessness. Within the book, you will find one weekly challenge to complete each week for 20 weeks. The weekly challenges will be fun, and unique, and sometimes feel a bit awkward. You will also have space within the book to journal and document your experience and growth.

Afterward, you will have not only built up a habit of intentional love but also discovered how much you truly have to offer someone and how strong your relationship can become with just a little bit of intentionality.

Take the challenge and join us on Team Intentional!

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